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Men Who Dream
Captives came back into Zion.
From their freedom came a scheme.
While the city, it lay in ruins
We believe they had a dream.
When our souls, were like the desert,
And we stumbled, on the stream.
Found revival, in the water,
We became like, men who dream.
Yes our mouths, were filled with laughter
And our songs rushed, like the stream.
Where He washed, our sorrows under,
We became like, men who dream.
God has done, great things among us,
Every eye now, shines a gleam.
Spark of light reveals the wonder,
We became like, men who dream.
      It shall be said among the nations,
      “There’s a God who shares our dream.”
      The Sprit moves our generation
      Shed your tears, fill the stream.
      Brothers and sisters, we’re the dreamers
      Shedding the tears that flood the
      Flood the thristy waters.
      Brothers and sisters, we’re the dreamers.
      Planting the seeds of many,
      Brothers and sisters, we are
      Planting the seeds of men who dream.
      Men who dream
      We are shedding tears that
      Flood the thirsty waters
      Men who dream
      We are planting the seeds of men who dream
So let us go, into the nations,
Plunging souls in, in that stream.
Singing songs, that stir the angels,
We became, like men who dream.