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Stand In Awe
      Stand in awe Your power and Your glory
      Stand in awe with trembling and fear
      Stand in awe You're sov'reign and You're holy
      Lord Oh God, we stand in awe
Your deeds, Your name, Your works of creation
Your love, Your law, Your plan of salvation
[Men] Lord God
[Wom] The star seen unnumbered
[Men] Lord God
[Wom] The lightning and thunder
[Men] Lord God reign
[Wom] The universe under your reign
We stand with Christ as Your holy nation
We take your word to our generation
[Men] Lord God
[Wom] Your hand is upon us
[Men] Lord God
[Wom] Your Spirit within us
[Men] Lord God reign
[Wom] And hell can't prevent us , we've won