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Prayer For Boldness
Father God, whom we seek first,
With a cross You killed a curse,
And from the grave death You destroyed,
And now to preach we are employed.
Opposing us You know the horde
Who retreat when we say, “Lord!”
Violence, lies, discord and shame;
Satan hates and breeds the same.
      Why are all the nations raging,
      Making our world cold?
      We’ll SHOUT! louder than the Devil
      Lord, make us all bold!
Yet men scheme for all their worth,
Fighting our campaign for Earth;
Destroy our fear of those who kill;
You know their threats, we know your will.
Consider now all threats and hate:
With love we retaliate;
Flood our veins with zeal for you
God make many from a few
      The demon’s reign makes our land cold
      Warm the world as was fore-told
      Satan has souls in his hold
      Shake the world, make us bold
      Bold, makes our land cold,
      As was foretold, souls in his hold
      Make us bold!
      [ Bold,   Make   us   bold! ]