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The Guard The Gospel is a series of Bible studies that helps one to know the basic foundations of the truth.

The following are the list of studies.

1  Seeking God  To help one to be serious to seek God.
2  God  To introduce the God of the Scriptures
3  Jesus Is God  To teach about the deity of Christ
4  Jesus' Teachings  To introduce some of the teachings and claims of Christ
5  Word  To emphasize the importance of the hearing and studying the Bible to build our faith in Christ
6  Sin  To see the need for God and his forgiveness
7  Cross  To teach about God's plan of Grace through the cross for our salvation
8  Repentance  To teach about the need for a Biblical repentance as we understand grace
9  Baptism  To teach how to receive forgiveness and become a Christian
10  Jesus Is Lord  To teach those who have put their faith in Jesus what the 'call to follow Jesus' really means
11  Church  Teaches God's plan of church for the new believer to sustain and practice his faith
12  The Holy Spirit  Teaches the role and work of Holy Spirit in our lives as a new disciple
13  The Great Commission  Teaches what the mission of a Christian is