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He Made A Change
      He made a change...
      .... in the way that Iím walking
      He made a change..
      ... in the way that Iím talking
      Old things passed away
      Behold everythingís new.
      He made a change ...
      ... in the life that Iím living
      Iím born again, set free, finally forgiven.
      If He can make a change in me
      He can make a change in you
Iíve seen some old friends shaking their heads
ĎCause they never thought theyíd seen the day
When a sinner like me would praise the Lord
Or bow my head to pray.
Now Iím not what I used to be
You see, my life has been rearranged.
Well, its nothing that Iíve done
But I have found someone
He definitely made a change.