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I Need Your Love
O, I need your love in this shadowed place
I canít get enough of your sunlight on my face
When itís cold and dark or Iím far from home
You are in my heart and I never walk alone
      And just like a tree planted by the stream
      Thirsty for a drink of your love
      I canít face a day without some time to pray
      I sing this song to say I need your love
Iím a tiny child but when Iím with you
I will not grow tired Ďcoz thereís nothing you canít do
Your love makes me strong though Iím small and weak
And the whole day long youíll speak through me when I speak
You gave all for me though I cursed your name
On that bitter tree, Lord, You suffered for my shame
How can I thank you, your love paid my way
All that I can do is live for you every day