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Go And Make Disciples
He said, He said to go to ev'ry nation
He said, He said "Tell ev'ry one!"
He said, He said to make them true disciples
And then and then the job will get done
      Jesus said : Go and make disciples of all nations
      And then, then baptize them in my name
      Teach them, teach them to obey all I have taught you
      And and I am with you all the way
Teach them, teach them to bow before the Father
Teach them, teach them to flee from sin
Teach them, teach them real love for one another
Make them, make them true fishers of men
Let's go, let's go to each and ev'ry nation
Let's go, let's go tell ev'ry one
Let's go, let's go and make them true disciples
Let's go, let's go 'til this world is won