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I Know That My Redeemer Lives
I know (I know) that my Redeemer lives
And ever prays (And ever prays) for me
I know (I know) eternal life He gives
From sin and sorrow free
      I know, I know that my Redeemer lives
      I know, I know eternal life He gives
      [M] I know that my Redeemer lives that My Redeemer lives
      [W] I know, I know, that my Redeemer lives
He wills (He wills) that I should holy be
In word, in tho't (in word, in tho't) in deed
Then I (then I) His holy face may see
When from this earth-life freed
I know (I know) that unto sinful men
His saving grace (His saving grace) is nigh
I know (I know) that He will come again
To take me home on high
I know (I know) that over yonder stands
A place prepared (a place prepared) for me
A home (a home) a house not made with hands
Most wonderful to see