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Growing strong through every Storm

Acts 15:22
Then the apostles and elders, with the whole church, decided to choose some of their own men and send them to Antioch with Paul and Barnabas. They chose Judas (called Barsabbas) and Silas, two men who were leaders among the brothers.

We meet Silas in the Scriptures in Acts 15:22 where he was an active leader in the early Church of Christ. The Church was going through a storm of confusion [ false teaching ] spread by the Judaic Christians, forcing the Gentile converts to get circumcised in order to be saved. Silas was chosen to communicate the Council's decision to the Antioch church along with Paul & Barnabas; and verses 30-32 talks about how they were used by God like prophets to encourage and strengthen the brothers & sisters in the Antioch church. Silas was not amongst the most famous top leaders of the early church; he probably was, until now, an unsung hero who served the Church. But we see that he was willing to serve in lower position and accompany Paul and Barnabas to accomplish God's plan.

Do you see the heart of Silas ? Not bothered about position, not man focused but God focused.

The Kingdom was first priority in his life. [ Matth.6:33 ]

Do you see him giving his best or just hanging around with the rest?

Think about it. How can you encourage and strengthen the brothers and sister in the church?

Will we stand strong like Silas amidst the different storms of life or in other's lives that we know?

The story doesn't end there. Silas was chosen for another mission to accompany Paul on his second missionary journey. Acts 15:40.. Silas was as determined as Paul to preach the Gospel.

Acts16:22-34 .. We read about another storm of persecution in the city of Philippi where they were beaten, flogged and thrown in jail. Instead of blaming God, we see Paul and Silas singing and praying to God.

In Thessalonica, they faced a crowd wanting to kill them.[ACTS17:4-5] They ran to Berea only to face another opposition [Acts 17:10-14]

In Corinth, again they had to face the abusive Jews [Acts18:5-8]

In all these storms, Silas saw Jesus bigger and his Mission, mightier than any storms in his life.

In every storm, he could rejoice over the victory of souls gained than dwelling in the agony of physical pain.

How do we respond when we face trials and storms in our lives? Do we play the blame game?

Nothing much is concluded about Silas in the Scriptures except in 1Peter 5:12 where Peter mentions that he is a "Faithful brother".

Note that God uses unknown, unsung people like Silas to bring glory to His name. He desires to use you & me in the same way. Are you willing to submit to His will?

God desires our availability more than our ability. Silas was available for God's use in any and every situations. It did not matter to him in which position he was serving but he gave his best and was called "a good and faithful servant".


Pray and thank God for the worst storm/s you've faced/ are facing in your life that has only pushed you nearer to God.

Decide to make yourself more available for God to use you for His mission.

Decide to teach the Bible or sit in a study with new friends coming to your family group.

Encourage & strengthen someone today.

Let the Lord say of you… "Good and Faithful servant"