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122. God gave me
121. Do not Quit
120. Dying To Self
119. Until I Learned To Trust
118. If Jesus came to your house
117. What If
116. Wait
115. Together we build
114. Smile
113. To All The Teachers
112. Id Rather See a Sermon
111. Programmers Fate
110. The 23rd channel
109. School prayer
108. The most beautiful flower
107. Just remember
106. Jims prayer
105. I AM
104. God, are you real?
103. A garden
102. Two boxes
101. A disciple, but…
100. If Jesus came
99. Did Jesus use a modem?
98. The Dash
97. What are you counting?
96. Today
95. It is between you and God
94. Happy Mothers Days
93. On your terms
92. Tears of joy
91. Your choice
90. God's daughter
89. All in
88. Kingdom dating
87. God knows
86. Twice a year
85. Blame God
84. Good enough
83. Desire Vs Need
82. Woman
81. An Ordinary Man
80. Eternal Valentine
79. Uvalde, etc…
78. Viral Racism
77. Deadly date
76. I do
75. Drifted away
74. GOD CANt
73. Beg & plead
72. Pretty or handsome
71. Reap whats sown
70. Memorial Day
69. Stifled dreams
68. Affairs of the heart
67. Easter… No eggs
66. Eternal love
65. Define love
64. Hell bound
63. Seasonal
62. A break from God
61. The ultimate father
60. Heroes
59. Mothers
58. Single focus
57. Repentance required
56. Perfectly flawed
55. Salvation Vs Salary
54. #1 Dad
53. Perfect love
52. Dating - Christian or not
51. Divine Dining
50. Love you
49. Satans gifts
48. Divorce - 4
47. Happy New Year
46. Ex-life
45. Façade
44. Pews Blues
43. Sharing is caring
42. Marital Motives
41. Ripple effect
40. Relationships
39. Kneel
38. Divorce - 3
37. Divorce - 2
36. Divorce
35. Dating… Again
34. Leaving for Love
33. Dear future wife…
32. Encouragement Dating - 2
31. The love left behind
30. Encouragement Dating
29. Sacrifice
28. Are we part of the building or wrecking crew?
27. Empty Words
26. Deathly Fellowship
25. Divide And Conquer
24. Challenging Times
23. Merry Christmas
22. More Or Less
21. Step Down
20. Prideful Silence
19. Be A King
18. You're Worth It
17. Deadly Date
16. The Morning After
15. 9-11
14. More than a month
13. Stronger
12. Who Are You
11. Tag… You're It
10. Virtues Exposed
9. Valentine's Day
8. No Title Required
7. Everyone's Losing Something
6. Young And Old
5. Only whats done for Christ will last
4. When I say… I am a Christian
3. Speak, Lord, in the stillness
2. My dying conscience
1. On a day like this


T'was the night before Christmas
Many had no homes
"For Sale" signs planted
Next to lawn gnomes

Children asleep
Pillows soaked with tears
"Santa won't be coming
As he has in past years"

Sobering news
From Mom and Dad
Left the kids heartbroken
Confused and sad

Cupboards are bare
Bills are unpaid
Home in foreclosure
Parents feel betrayed

...This will be true...
For many this year
Stress and strife
Will remove all cheer

But that's not it
That's not how it ends
This family doesn't know
It has "secret" friends

Secret Santas
Who came to their aid
With donated money
So bills could be paid

On Christmas morning
They arrived at the door
With a check in hand
And much, much more

Gifts for all
For Mom and Dad too
Who assumed the knock
Was an eviction crew

...But not today...
Much to their surprise
The caroling neighbors
Brought tears to their eyes

"Thank you so much"
Dad managed to say
With a wink and a smile
They were on their way

The door now closed
They share an embrace
The youngest child speaks
Contentment on her face

"I now understand
What Christmas means
I now appreciate
Those nativity scenes

Before I slept
I said a little prayer
To God and Jesus
Way up there

I don't need presents
Not one single toy
I want Mom and Dad
To cry tears of joy"

- By Richard Gary