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196. The Seasons of Life
195. Harsh Words
194. Two Loaves of Bread
193. Reorganization
192. A dogs life
191. Being Under Satans Yoke
190. How to face adversity?
189. Appreciate every single thing you have
188. Dont Give Up - Fern and Bamboo
187. Scientists Challenge to God
186. No one is stupid, no one is clever
185. Two Choices
184. Self-respect, Self-esteem and Self-confidence
183. New point of view
182. Chance to become better in life
181. It is a test, it is only a test
180. Senior version of Jesus Loves Me
179. The Fable of the Porcupine
178. Ten short stories with deep meanings
177. The rest of your life can be the best of your life
176. Are you looking for a perfect church?
175. Your Sacred Self
174. Yes, I am changing
173. Shoes in church
172. PUSH - Pray until something happens
171. He gives and forgives and we get and forget
170. Blessed is who God helps
169. You are just a man
168. The masterful touch of unexpected discipline
167. Life is wonderful if you know how to live
166. Trust in God
165. Surrender Your Weaknesses to God
164. William Carey (1761-1834)
163. Our Father
162. A woman in hot air balloon
161. The Devil releases the donkey in us
160. Never be afraid to spread God's message
159. It's biblically part of our job
158. Jewels under the saddle
157. You are better than me
156. The story of watermelons
155. Changed the price tag
154. Three Pieces of Advice Vs 20 Years of Salary
153. Dealing with people who make mistakes
152. Good beans and bad beans
151. Unconditional Acceptance
150. Grandma In Court
149. Muda Out Of Our Lives
148. A Techie And A Retired Person
147. Currency Of The Heaven World
146. Never Forget Your Friends
145. A German Shepherd And A Panther
144. Stay Together
143. We'll Find Your Jeep
142. Art Of Parenting
141. How To Catch A Monkey?
140. Don't Change The World
139. Who Is Richer?
138. Tool Of Discouragement
137. Laymans Outlook
136. Invisible Labels
135. Be Always Intact
134. Where Are We Going?
133. A Richman And A Beggar
132. The Cockroach Theory
131. You Need That Prayer
130. Finding Happiness?
129. You Are Special
128. A Wedding Gift
127. The Crab And The Wave
126. Size Of God
125. Relationship Matters
124. Appreciate The Brakes In Your Life
123. Password Changed My Life
122. Use All Your Strength
121. The Ant And The Contact Lens
120. Gods Grace
119. Irresistable To Detestable
118. The 99 Club
117. Are You Focused?
116. Importance Of A Drop
115. Charity Wrapped With Dignity
114. Small Good Deed
113. The Truth
112. Virtues To Light
111. Performance Counts!
110. Story Of David And Svea Flood
109. Our Journey Together Is So Short
108. A Horse And A Goat
107. Hold On To Christ
106. Lawyer And Judge
105. Gold or Silver?
104. Little Spark Of Love
103. Self Realization
102. The Parable Of The Rat Trap
101. Inner Ego
100. A Blind Girl
99. Coffee On Wall
98. Please Help Me Understand
97. Change Your Nature
96. Rise Above Criticism
95. Nine Short Stories
94. An Angry Cobra
93. What You Sow, You Reap
92. The Pearl Necklace
91. Hope For Every Parent
90. Man And Four Sons
89. Resources Belong To The Society
88. A Lady In A Flight
87. The Story of Colonnel Sanders
86. Life In Order
85. From The Devil
84. I Almost Sold Your Son
83. God's Rosebud
82. A Story Of Michael Jordan
81. Building An Empire
80. Thanks For Your Time
79. On His Way To The Church
78. Are You Jesus?
77. Wet Pants
76. Story Of Harakhchand Sawla
75. Nature Of The Material World
74. A Man With Four Wives
73. Sweetness Of Sour Oranges
72. The Choir Team
71. Evil Does Not Exist?
70. Heaven On Earth?
69. Being Happy
68. Who Is Richer?
67. Divinely Inspired Push
66. The Story Of Marvan Atapatu
65. Young Lady And Psychiatrist
64. What Comes Out of You?
63. Dogs And Wolves
62. Mine You Illegally
61. The Pigeon Story
60. The Parable Of The Empty Boat
59. Bombay To Bangalore
58. Hearing Problem
57. Monkeys In A Village
56. An Engine In A Factory
55. Value Of Life
54. Frog In A Vessel
53. Church Goer
52. Teamwork And Humanity
51. Timber Merchant
50. What Goes Around Comes Around
49. Jonah And The Whale
48. A Cruise Ship
47. The Pastor's Cat
46. The Broken Pot
45. Christian Always On Duty
44. HR Manager In Heaven
43. Good News And Bad News
42. Old Age Home
41. Undeniable Facts
40. We Are Nothing Without Each Other
39. Make Amends
38. Stress & Tension
37. Never Conclude For Others
36. Value Of Helping Family
35. Law Of The Garbage Truck
34. Silversmith
33. Selfless Real Love
32. Lesson From An Ant
31. Doctor shocks, Engineer Rocks
30. Why Me?
29. Prepare Children For The Road
28. Positioned In The Right Place
27. We Are Never Alone
26. Spider Web
25. Adore Whatever You Have In Life
24. Father And Son - 5 Star Hotel
23. Not A Single Conflict
22. Planting The Seed
21. Life Is Just A Moment
20. Association
19. A Person On His Death Bed
18. Respect Is A Two Way Street
17. Are You Hurt?
16. A Boy With Few Shells
15. The Missing Goat
14. Mother Flying A Kite
13. Excellence - driven from inside
12. Lesson From Giraffe
11. Tomatoes In A Plastic Bag
10. Evening Dinner With A Father
9. Positive In Negatives
8. Hold The Door Open
7. A Tale Of Two Seas
6. A Great Equalizer
5. The Power Of Faith
4. Saved And Lost
3. Three Little Trees
2. Whatever Became Of Evangelism
1. Potatoes, Eggs And Coffee Beans

Are you looking for a perfect church?

I was looking for the perfect church, so I decided to call the Apostle Paul in my imagination and ask a few questions. There's no one better than him to help Me find a perfect church, after all, he is the founder of several churches and knows them very well.

Me - Hello! Is this, Paul, the apostle?
Paul - Yes, it's him!

Me - May the peace of Christ be with you!
Paul - Amen, bro

Me - Sorry for the inconvenience, Apostle, but I need your help. It's just that I've been so disappointed in the church I'm in, that now I am looking for the perfect church. I was thinking about the church in Corinth. Is this the perfect church?
Paul - Look, the Church in Corinth has little groups (1 Cor. 1:12,13), envy, strife (1 Cor. 3:3) and issues that end up in the court of common justice (1 Cor. 6:1-2, 4-5), and there are even some people there who commit sexual immorality there (1 Cor. 5:1).

Me - How about the Church in Ephesus?
Paul - It's a Church based on the Word of God indeed (Acts 20:27), but lately there is a lot of unloving people attending services there (Rev. 2:4).

Me - I will probably go to the church in Thessalonians then.
Paul - There are some people who don't like to work there (2 Thess. 3:11).

Me - Wow, it's hard, huh, apostle?! What if I go to the church of the Philippians?
Paul- It is a good church, but there are two sisters there called Euodia and Syntyche who have a disagreement and are not talking to each other (Phil. 4:2).

Me - So I think I'll move to the church in Colossians.
Paul - Well, there are some heretics who are causing confusion there. There is also a group there that is worshiping angels (Col. 2:18).

Me- What! What if I go to the church of the Galatians?
Paul- Well, there are some believers biting and devouring each other over there (Gal. 5:15).

Me - I didn't know it was so hard to find the perfect church.
Paul - I was even talking to Apostle John and asked how the church in Thyatira was doing, he told me that the members are allowing a woman who calls herself a prophetess to teach about prostitution and idolatry in the church (Rev. 2:20).

He told me that in Laodicea, the church members are far from perfect, for they are proud, materialistic and lukewarm (Rev. 3:14-18). In Pergamum, there are some who follow the doctrines of the Nicolaitans and Balaam (Rev. 2:14-15).

Me - You know, Apostle Paul, I've thought of going to the headquarters in Jerusalem, but I heard that there is a lot of prejudice going on there (Gal. 2:11-13), as well as murmurers (Acts 6:1) and some who lie to the apostles (Acts 5:1-11). And now, where do I go, apostle?
Paul - You need to understand that there is no perfect church as it is made up of human beings.

Don't stop going to church just because people are imperfect (Heb. 10:24,25). Rather help your brethren by counseling and exhorting them in brotherly love (Heb. 3:12,13).

Make yourself available to God (2 Cor. 8:5).

When you go to church, don't worry whether or not the message will please you, but do so to offer your life as A PLEASING SACRIFICE TO THE LORD! (Rom. 12:1)