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  Chapters 1-7  

These questions have been designed to help, make your study of the Books of Acts practical for you. It is important that you answer these questions honestly. From your hear.t

Acts has 28 chapters. To answer the questions, refer the verse [ ‘v’] in the left hand margin. Acts was written by Luke. The doctor, who accompanied Paul on many of his missionary journeys. Luke also interviewed many eyewitnesses of the events in Acts. Acts was written around 63 A.D., before Paul and Peter were killed by the Romans [around 68 A.D.].

Chapter 1
V7 Why is it wrong to try to predict the future?
V13-14 What did the followers of Jesus often do?
V21-22 What is an apostle?
Chapter 2
V36 Why did Peter say that these thousands of people had killed Jesus?
V47 Why was church growing so much?
Chapter 3
V6 What could Peter give to him?
V19 What does it mean to repent? How do we feel after we repent?
Chapter 4
V8 How did the Holy Spirit help Peter?
V13 Why were Peter and John so courageous?
V23-30 What did they pray for?
Chapter 5
V1-11 What was Ananias and Sapphira’s sin?
V17 Why were they jealous?
V23-30 What did Gamaliel think of the apostles?
Chapter 6
V11-13 Why did the Jews tell lies about Stephen?
Chapter 7
V51-53 What made Stephen so bold?
V58-60 What kind of impact did Stephen’s speech and death have on Saul [later known as Paul - Acts 13:9]?