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On The Heart

Explain Purpose of BT: To help us know a little bit more about God and how to develop a close walk with Him.



OP Q: What is something you like doing with all your heart? (sports, singing, eatingJ, etc)


Spiritual Aspects

From a biblical perspective, The heart is:

The Governing centre of one’s life

Makes you what you are and will be

All thoughts and actions spring from it

Types of hearts (opposites) –, small/big,  hard/soft, good/bad, sweet/sour; cold/warm


Why is the heart so important?

God looks at the heart – 1 Sam 16:6-12 explain (also David a man after God’s own heart)

God had chosen Saul as the first king of Israel. But Saul disobeyed God.

So God told Samuel to go to Jesse of Bethlehem. One of his sons will be chosen.

What mistake did Samuel make here?

How do we fall into this trap?, work, business

We do that too. When we look at people; dress; tall; color of skin; eyes, hair or lack of it;

We fall into the trap of judging people. (give some examples; personal experiences)

 How do we tend treat people – language, colour, education; money; clothes, address?


Why does God tell Samuel this v7?

Who are some of the people you interact with every week?

Suppose God told you he would visit you tomorrow. Doesn’t tell you when. He will come in any appearance. How will you talk to the milkman/rickshaw/security guard /ayah/driver /bhajji/ stranger /restaurant waiter/


How is your heart today? Are you looking at your outward appearance – which is what people see? But what is on the inside of you?


The heart can deceive you – Jer 17:9-10

What does this passage teach?

Share: growing up…there was this girl who looked at me. I thought she liked me. She didn’t L

I remember how I was deceived once…share

Have any of you been deceived by your heart? your heart said go ahead, it’s OK.

You invested in stocks…only to see the market crash.


Maybe you’ve been hurt by some people…or maybe you think things are going great….

The heart can tell you – you’re OK, alright; you’re fine; doing well;

How do you know whether what you are doing is right? How can you be sure?

Heart can tell you you’re going to heaven; And you listen; and can get deceived. Fooled.

Who do you seek advice from? How will you be rewarded? Deeds.


A Source of sin and evil desires – Mark 7:21-22,

Where do our sins come from?

Our sins cannot be blamed on someone else, He/She made me do it. It comes from our hearts.

Got angry? Impatient? Fought with wife? Fall into lust? Lie? Cheat?

Jesus – all these evils come from within…the heart (how do you look at your sin, e.g.cockroach)

Lk 6:45 – when you speak…..can’t take it’s out….


Can get Hard – Heb 3:12..addressed to Xians – so it is possible for a soft heart to become hard  The hardening takes place gradually… can you tell if your heart is hard? Simple test – how does it respond to God’s word?

No matter how sincere you are….it does not save you.


How to get a New Heart?

Seek God with ALL your Heart – Jer 29:13 (Share difficulties/challenges faced when seeking and how to overcome and make changes in schedule)

Make changes (No Friday night happy hour)

Spend time daily reading and talking to God  - a priority

Exams/ studying late – don’t miss the meetings


Have a soft contrite heart – Ps 51:10, 51:17 (Who to talk to and open up….how to make the effort and see the results, sharing the deepest secrets)

Confessed all my sins, every single dirty one of them…..

Not a one-time effort, continuous (when’s the last time you did this?)

Got it all out….terrifying..but cleansing, refreshing…..crying tears of sorrow,


Trust – Pro 3:5-6 (office situations – not relying on self, doing what God wants….)

How often do you seek advice? Job? Investments? Giving to God?

Not seeking is inviting trouble (leaning on your own understanding)

A schedule on how to spend your time (my first example)

Share with me your day….and I’ll tell you whether you are selfish or trusting in God



Guarding  your heart – Pro 4:23 – a well-spring, well fed by springs underneath

Is your well spring clean, pure or polluted/dirty/poison

How well are you guarding it….are other people messing it?

Committing Your Heart – 2 Chr 16:9 God will strengthen it.