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What is something that you and your friends would like to be invited for? Where you are welcomed. Some unique opportunity (eg. meet Amitabh Bachhan, Sachin; famous rock concert; by NASA to outer space; by food critic to come and sample food from all over the world, etc with Usain Bolt J)


Read V57-58

Jesus is resolute about his mission v51. In v52 Jesus wants to visit a Samaritan village but is not welcomed. As a result, they go to another village in v56. This makes Jesus' reply in v58 even more striking. He has no place to lay his head. Why didn’t Jesus ask him to join the group and follow? So easy to do so. He could have welcomed him.


It's easier to follow Jesus when it's welcome. That's what FANS do. In fact, most things are easier when they are welcomed. What are examples of times when it's easier to be a fan of Jesus? Why?

• In church • Around "spiritual" people • Christmas time; When it's convenient to talk about


What are examples of times it's harder to be a follower of Jesus? Why?

• Outside of church and the in?uence of "spiritual" people • when you’re alone • in bad company

FANS: Cheer only when the crowd is cheering. FOLLOWERS: Follow even when the cheering stops; even when there is no welcome. (when our cricket team does well we cheer; when they lose we curse)



It's highly likely this man's father was already buried considering they buried their dead the same day. The man probably had other responsibilities to look after post his father’s death.

But Jesus presents him with a unique opportunity. To come and follow him !!

What are examples of something you would consider a unique opportunity?

• Meeting the President • Going on a gameshow • Attending the Oscars

In the gospels, besides open invitations to the crowds, Jesus only invites 7 people speci?cally to follow him!

• Peter & Andrew; James & John (Matt 4.19; Mark 1.17) • Philip (John 1.43) • Rich Ruler (Luke 18.22) • Levi (Luke 5.27) Jesus is giving this man a unique opportunity: to follow him. Do you consider the opportunity to follow Jesus unique?  Why? Why not?

What might be reasonably sounding excuses to avoid following Jesus?

Waiting until we settle down • Too busy ; I'm not in to organized religion • My faith is a private affair The point: Some excuses sound reasonable but ultimately are a sidestep to following Jesus.


Jesus makes a statement of the dead burying their own dead, then tells him to go proclaim the kingdom.

Does this seem like a harsh response from Jesus? Why? Why not?

Jesus' response also reveals what a true follower does: proclaim the kingdom. If we're claiming to be followers of Jesus, the proof is in the proclamation. Followers proclaim. Fans practice excuse making.

How would you rate your proclamation of the kingdom of God? Fan or Follower? Why? What can you do to change?


v61-62 You would think after seeing the ?rst 2 interactions, this guy would have been more careful in initiating with Jesus. The second guy had a "BUT FIRST LET ME GO" excuse. And now he responds with the same phrase, "BUT FIRST LET ME GO". Did he think Jesus would lower the standards for him? Another reasonable sounding excuse.

What does Jesus' response mean in v62? What qualities make us "?t" for the kingdom of God? Do you possess these qualities? Are you trying to gain these qualities? Why not?



Based on these several verses, how would you rate yourself: fan or follower? If a fan, what steps will you take this week to follow? If a follower, help a fan become more of a follower.