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Things To Talk To The Couple

A. Traditional weddings.

Typically when we become Christians we cut ourselves off from our previous ungodly religious traditions (hindu/ catholic/others). Jesus tells us to leave the harmful traditions of the past.

Matthew 15:14
Leave them; they are blind guides. If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit."

B. Starting on time.

In a traditional Indian wedding the bride will walk down the aisle 15-30 minute after the start time. It is extremely rude to arrive late.

C. Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

Usually it is advisable to have 2/3 bridesmaid and groomsmen --- good to have some one from the family.

One other point on this -- It may be difficult to afford to pay for a suit or dress for your friends who you want to honor by making them your bridesmaid/groomsmen as all the costs are covered by the couple marrying.

It may be appropriate to honor them by simply inviting them to the reception and mention them in your speech.

D. Family involvement

1. Inform the family.

Give as much advance notice as possible. Let them know what to expect. Let them know about the Registration for wedding and invite them to the Marriage Registration Office.

Please Note - You will have to pay a certain amount of money for the registration. Find out the fee.

2. Involve them.

Be sensitive to them and accommodate where possible. Planning of the wedding is a great time of bonding with the families. Spend time with each others family members.

3. Be thoughtful.

About what you say. When introducing or welcoming don't welcome parents as visitors.

4. Express your appreciation.

Expressing your love and appreciation makes family and Christians feel special. Be sure to honor parents at the reception, possibly giving mums and dads a small gift. Appreciate the many people who have run around for day to make your dream day become a reality. Write a note to your family on your honeymoon. They will appreciate knowing you are well and happy and having fun and be impacted that you remembered them.

E. Wedding Vows.

You (the couple) can express your own feelings and personal commitment to each other in the wedding vows. The fact that these are promises for life and will not be broken by faithful disciples really does make the visitors present think.

F. Reception.

This is an ideal opportunity to show Christians can have a great balance of fun and Sobriety. To make maximum impact on the guests, a careful thought on the seating plan is useful, this will mix Christians and guests to best effect. The reception is also a time to express love and gratitude towards family - both in speeches and gifts.

G. Budget.

As disciples we should be wise on how much and on what we should spend money.

Don't borrow money for your marriage. You will carry the burden to pay it back later. It is wise to spend what you have rather than taking a loan to have a lavish and extravaganza wedding. Save for your honeymoon and your new house or save if you have excess.