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Wedding Lessons : These are lessons to be done before the wedding to prepare them in different areas.

1  How To Approach Christian Marriages?
2  How To Handle Traditions Associated With Marriage?
3  Marriage Roles (Wife)
4  Marriage Roles (Husband)
5  Open Communication
6  Reality
7  Romance
8  Steps To Financial Freedom
9  Things To Talk To The Couple

For the Staff/Leaders (Those who are involved in the couples wedding)

a. Weddings are amazing events!

b. The place Jesus chose to do his first miracle was a wedding! [John 2:1-11]

c. Jesus thought a wedding was a significant place to start his ministry - we should treat them as significant events in the kingdom too.

d. Not only are they very special for the couple involved but they are also very significant in moving the hearts of many to see God's heart.

e. They will move the hearts of parents and families.

f. They will move the hearts of singles to get married!

g. They will move the hearts of every Christian to be grateful for the great gifts of being in the kingdom.

h. In order for them to be as impacting as possible, they should be done excellently in every area.

i. In order for this to happen, the couple will need to have excellent pre-wedding counseling and that is where YOU come in!

j. Please read these notes through carefully they will help us to achieve most out of church weddings and to truly give glory to God.


The sector leader should take responsibility for :

a. Marriage Registration.

b. Suitable date for engagement and wedding

c. Appropriate planning

d. Pre-marital counseling (all the lessons and counseling must be thoroughly done and completed before the wedding date)

e. Mediator for both the families. (Staff must be the mediator)

f. You (A Staff/Leader) must be directly involved in the plans for the wedding and the wedding itself so that everything runs smoothly as possible.

g. Schedule the counseling sessions leading up to the wedding with definite dates and times. The disciplers of the couple getting married should be on the counseling sessions.

h. Talk over the plans for the wedding ensuring that the family feels fully involved

i. Apply for the MARRIAGE RESGISTRATION one month ahead of the wedding date (without the marriage certificate you cannot do the blessing ceremony in the church) counseling


Staff/Leadership who are trained in organizing events and have experience in this should take responsibility.