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I Travelled Down
I traveled down a lonely road
And no one seemed to care
The burden on my weary back
Had bowed me to despair
I oft complained to Jesus
How folks were treating me
And then I heard Him say so tenderly
      My feet were also weary
      Upon the Calv’ry road;
      The cross became so heavy
      I fell beneath the load
      Be faithful weary pilgrim
      The morning I can see
      Just lift your cross and follow close to me”
“I work so hard for Jesus”,
I often boast and say
I’ve sacrificed a lot of things
To walk the narrow way
I gave up fame and fortune,
I’m worth a lot to thee
And then I heard him gently say to me,
      “I left the thorne of glory”
      And counted it but loss
      My hands were nailed in anger
      Upon the cuel cross
      But now we’ll make the journey,
      With your hand safe in mine
      So lift your cross and follow close to me.
O Jesus if I die upon
A foreign field someday
“T would be no more than love demands
No less could I repay
No greater love hath mortal man
Than for a friend to die
These are the words He gently spoke to me
      If just a cup of water
      I place with in your hand
      Then just a cup of water
      Is all that I demand.
      But if by death to living,
      They can thy glory see
      I’ll take my cross and follow close to thee