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  You Belong To The Lord

[Chapter 1]

1. Proud about possessions

King Xerxes was a very powerful king reigning from India to Egypt (Cush) but was a very proud character too. For 180 days he displayed his vast health and splendor.

Today brother or sister what is your wealth or splendor? Do you get tempted and discouraged when you see your wealthy relatives, colleagues or friends? Do you greed after their possessions? Do you deeply desire to be like them? You need to remember that you do have a vast wealth of wisdom, knowledge and eternal life as a disciple. You do have a character that's more valuable than any of the worldly riches. You belong to a family where there is joy, contentment and love. Today are you proud to possess these qualities than worldly riches? Its time to change our thoughts and attitude.

2. Respect your Spouse

In his pride King Xerxes did not even know what he was doing. When he got drunk he wanted to display his wife queen Vashti to the people. Queen Vashti couldn't take the humiliation so she rebelled as well. Instead of realizing his folly king Xerxes listened to people's worldly advice and rejected her as wife.

How much do you respect your husband or wife? Do you keep up their dignity before others or do you put them down? Make sure you settle your differences at home and if you aren't getting your leader involved but do not give ear to worldly advice. People in the world break marriages easily but in God's kingdom we honor marriage and our spouses. Wives you need to submit to your husbands and keep up their self esteem as they are the head of your family. Your humility will make your husbands come to their senses later.