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  Do Good To The Lords People

[Chapter 8]

1. Perseverance Brings Victory

Its great to see Esther's love for her people and her family. Because of her perseverance and boldness, she won the favor of King Xerxes even to the extent of making him to honour Mordecai who was to be punished. Even though Haman was hanged still all his evil plans were not totally put to an end.

Esther again pleaded with the king with tears and put an end for all the evil plans of Haman. Whatever Esther asked was granted to her because her motives were right, she just did not ask and forget it but she persevered every day even though it might have cost her own life.

2. How Are You Today?

Are we persevering with God everyday in our prayer for all our needs and desires. We got to understand our God is our father. Luke 11:1-13. Whatever we ask him he will bless us. We got to ask our father boldly and keep on asking till we get it. Here we see king Xerxes extending the Golden Scepter patiently towards Esther. How are we? Are we patient in our life or we get upset quietly with our spouse, brothers and sisters in the church, family members, colleagues, neighbors etc. Because king Xerxes was patient he did the right thing and we see so many people celebrating with joy and converting themselves to become Jews.

Same way if we are patient we can do the right thing and help as many people to become disciples through that give joy to others. Many times we don't ask God and then we don't get anything as we complain, grumble and get discouraged about it. Many times our motives are not right. Whatever our needs are let's think about it for a moments, is it a righteous need and then persevere with God every day till we get it.