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Discipleship And Marriage

Q: What would you say are some of the keys to having a great marriage?
Love, patience, good communication, giving spirit....

These are all important, but the real key is discipleship!

Being a great disciple and getting your marriage discipled

Matthew 28:18-20
18 Then Jesus came to them and said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.
19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,
20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

The great commission.

1. Start with disciples

Q: If I sent you out to “go make disciples”, what would you do?

Q: When have you made a disciple?

When they have to want to obey Jesus and be just like Him.

A disciple has made that “WANT TO” decision, not a “HAVE TO” reservation.

II. God’s plan for a disciple’s marriage

Q: Who designed marriage?

Q: What was God’s intent for marriage? Why did he design it at all?

Love, companionship, growth, nurturing, excitement, romance!

God wants our marriage to SHINE ... to be sparkle ... radiant!!

Q: What is a disciple’s response to God’s desires?

YES SIR! Anything you want, SIR! How do I being? What do I need to do?

III. Discipleship in marriage.

Notice there are 3 parts to the great commission:

1. Go make disciples 2. Baptize them 3. Teach them to obey everything!

Q: What does “everything” leave out? NOTHING?

Q: In what areas do most people need to be “taught to obey”?
- Being loving, giving, and unselfish
- Being romantic like your spouse wants it
- Being patient, forgiving, tolerant
- Being sensitive, communicating with your spouse
- Being teachable, not being defensive or argumentative

Q: What is the difference between “teaching” someone and “teaching to obey”? Preaching at someone vs. training them.

Q: What is involved in “teaching to obey”?

Get involved in a person’s life intimately involved

You must know what is NOT right so you can teach them to obey

Correction, pointing out shortcomings or weaknesses or SIN!

For example: playing scales on the piano, learning to shoot basketball being a sensitive spouse

Q: Have you ever tried to teach someone who didn’t want to learn?

Q: What’s it like? Fun?

There are 2 aspects of discipleship:

1. Deciding to be a disciple of Jesus christ,

2.Letting Godly men/women disciple you, your marriage, your character, etc.

Did you notice who is involved in Jesus’ plan? PEOPLE!!!

PEOPLE make disciples, PEOPLE baptize, PEOPLE teach them to obey

Q: Do you think it’s a part of God’s plan to use people?

Q: Why do you think God chose to use people?

Teaches us humility, if we won’t obey people, we won’t obey God

People can give us a solid example to follow and learn from

IV. Benefits of discipleship in marriage.

Q: What benefits do you see occurring from discipline in your marriage?

You grow and change QUICKLY

When YOU change, your spouse loves it and is a happy camper

When your spouse is happy you are happy

You won’t have to nag you mate

You can avoid some of the pitfalls and blunders other couples fall into


1.Examine your life-are you a disciple? Have you decided to live just like Jesus wants? Have you decided to obey Jesus, no matter what?

2. Are you open to being taught? Do you get defensive when people (spouse) correct you? Do you really want to change and grow, or are you just religious?

3. Are you letting other people in your life and marriage?

Are you excited when people obey the great commission?

Are you thankful for those people in your life who are trying to teach you to obey?

Or do you resent them and get an attitude?

We have only looked at I passage tonight on God’s plan for a great marriage!

We have just scratched the surface! Dig into God’s word and find out God’s plan for your marriage to shine!